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Our vision for this blog

Hello all and welcome to the CCARC Blog. On this Blog we plan to try to keep people informed of ham radio events in the area such as ham fest, bike rides and other such events that one may want to participate in. If you have an event that you would like us to promote here, please send an article by email to One of the club members who have access to post here will post the event to the blog. Please include contact information with your item to post.

If you have written any articles or have notes on things you have done that you think might be helpful to others, send them as well If you’ve built antennas, have simplified instructions on programming radios, ETC, Those could be good things to have all handy in one place like this blog.

Please feel free to comment on any of the posts, however, make your posts constructive and please keep the language clean. This blog does belong to CCARC and we have the final say as to what gets posted as well as the right to remove any comments that are not proper. If you are a business, please do not advertise your business here. If your business is promoting an event, then that event can be posted.

Thanks for reading and lets see if we can get some interesting info on here.

Jimmy, KD5QHH P. R., CCARC

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