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We are making progress!!

Last month, we started working on improving the club's website and discovered the Blog option. After much banging of our heads and finally consulting with Harvey, we figured out how to make posts to the blog and you, our audience, was advised to stay tuned (to this same Bat Frequency) for further developments. Here is what we managed to accomplish today.

Again, with much hair pulling and hand wringing, we were having major difficulties with MAKING THIS DARN THING WORK!!! That is, until Jimmy remembered that we always have problems when using Safari and suggested that we switch to FireFox. It was like magic, we were able to easily make changes to the web site and make posts to the blog. Luci even discovered that it was possible to back date blog posts and, at Jimmy's suggestion, copied all of the meeting minutes from the current year into blog posts. We have added a few new links to the Radio Related Links tab as well. It sure would be nice if the main stream business world would admit that Apple's operating system is valid with a large customer base and make their "easy to use" web sites work with Safari as well as the other major web browsers.

That's all for now, check out the newest blog posts and stay tuned for further developments.

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