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Sept., 2016 Meeting Minutes

Coleto Creek Amateur Radio Club September 1, 2016 Attending: Jimmy Podsim - KD5QHH, Luci Podsim - KD5RIF, Otto Bluntzer - WB5RJB, Dave Dodge - NV5C, Hurshel Pruitt - WB5MEX, Harvey Babb - WB5MCT and Brian Haun - KG5AUZ The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm. Previous minutes were read by Luci, Jimmy moved to accept as read, second by Harvey. Motion passed. Treasurer’s report: After spending $135.35 on the new radio, our new balance is $124.41 in the bank with $6 cash for a total of $130.41. Harvey moved to accept, second by Otto. Motion passed. Public Relations: Jimmy and Luci added a calendar with information about area nets and club meetings. Also added a few links and made some blog posts, including the meeting minutes for the past year. Jimmy invited club members to write things for the blog and send them to the club’s e-mail. They will be posted to the blog giving the original writer full credit. Points of Interest: The Belton HamFest will be held September 30 thru October 1. The Texas QSO Party, a contest to try to contact every county in Texas, will be Sept 24 thru Sep 25. Route 66 On The Air, a contest to try to contact each of several stations along the historic Route 66, will launch Sept 10 and continue until Sept 18. There will be a balloon launch this coming weekend, on Sept 3 from Beaumont. The balloon will carry a crossband VHF/UHF repeater transmitting on 446.040 and receiving on 146.565 with a call of W5RIN-8. Old Business: New Radio: Harvey programed a few repeaters in to the new radio just to test the ease of programing, The radio is ready to install in ET. Otto suggested that the next meeting be held at this house since everyone has already planned the time to attend the meeting and that is where ET is currently located. We can install the radio at that time. With general agreement, the next meeting is now to be held at Otto’s. Antenna Trailer: Jimmy put forth the question as to whether the club really wants to continue to put money and effort into more work on the antenna trailer since we have been working on it for so many years with little to show. Otto suggested that the club table this discussion until the next meeting when the club can actually look at the trailer and discuss our options. General agreement and subject tabled. Generator Gas Tank: Otto mentioned seeing a compound that he thought might be an easier way to fix the gas tank. Jimmy suggested building a platform where the tank currently sits to place a 5 gallon gas can on that has been modified to dispense gasoline through a hose near its base. After general discussion, Otto said that he would look into the feasibility of building the platform. EAS radios: Still no contact from the TV station. Historical Records: Jimmy and Luci said that they had brought the box of stuff from Cliff’s house. Otto said that he would take them and make an attempt at organizing them. Jimmy moved to adjourn, Luci second, meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm. Submitted by Luci Podsim - KD5RIF, Secretary

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