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Family Outdoor Expo 2018

Hello fellow hams, friends and neighbors. It is time once again for the Family Outdoor Expo. Volunteers are not only needed for communication, but also to man the events and many other things. To help with communications, you need to hold at least a Tech ticket, but for helping with other areas you do not need a ham radio ticket. Family Outdoor Expo Fact Sheet Established in 2005 in Victoria, Texas It is a completely FREE event including parking, admission & activities. Food and drink is sold at the concession stand with all proceeds going to fund future events. The event is always held on Superbowl Saturday. It is funded by private donations from individuals, families and sponsorships. Over 500 community volunteers from children, teenagers, parents and grandparents! Its high attendance was over 12,000. It is the only event of its kind in Texas. Most of the kids will get a chance to catch a fish, shoot a bow, climb a rock wall, or ride a pony for the first time! It was created for families & kids to experience first time outdoors experiences. This event receives no funding from city or government grants. We partner with youth organizations, sports teams, churches and service groups. Since we will be working with children, everybody must pass a background check. The event will be held at Son Valley Ranch located at 8793 US Hwy 87 North, Victoria, TX 77904 on Feb. 3 2018. If you would like to help with the event, or just take your children to have a really good time, go to If you wish to volunteer, please register or sign in and provide the requested info. Here’s hoping for a safe and fun time for all.

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