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New Meeting Location

At their last meeting, the CCARC met at the Trust Texas Bank in Yorktown, located at 225 E. Main St. Over the course of the meeting, the club members decided to make the move permanent. The facility has a kitchen area so we can continue our tradition of starting the meetings with a covered dish meal. In addition, the room is somewhat smaller which fits the needs of our club better than the large fellowship hall offered by the Methodist Church.

Our club would like to express our sincere gratitude to the First United Methodist Church of Yorktown for their past hospitality. When our club was first formed in 2003, we had approximately 40 members and finding a public facility that would accommodate our numbers and provide a space for our trademark covered dish dinner would have been difficult without the hospitality of the church. Over the years, we have enjoyed meeting there but, as our membership dwindled for a variety of reasons, the space simply became far more than we required. The move to the Trust Texas Bank conference room simply makes sense for our small club at this time and we now express our gratitude to the bank for their future hospitality.

From this time forward, the Coleto Creek Amateur Radio Club will be using the conference room at the Trust Texas Bank in Yorktown, located at 225 E. Main St. The Club meets on the first Thursday of every month except for June, July and December. The room will be unlocked at 6:45 pm and we will serve our meal at 7:00 pm followed by the business meeting at 7:30 pm. Anyone wishing to join us is welcome, just bring your favorite dish to share before the meeting and your beverage of choice. We look forward to a long and happy relationship with the bank.

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