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August Meeting Minutes

Coleto Creek Amateur Radio Club Meeting Minutes August 1, 2019 Attending: KD5QHH - Jimmy Podsim, KD5RIF - Luci Podsim, WB2RJB - Otto Bluntzer, KG5AUZ - Bryan Haun, KG5QWF - Bryan Friedrichs, NV5C - Dave Dodge, WB5MEX - Hurshel Pruitt, WB5MCT - Harvey Babb Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm. Previous meeting minutes read. Jimmy moved to accept as read, second by Dave. Motion passed. Treasurer’s Report: Dave got the tags for ET for a cost of $5.00 and deposited $125.00 in dues giving us a total of $307.05 in the bank. Jimmy moved to accept, second by Bryan H. Motion passed. Public Relations: Nothing to report. Points of interest: Austin Hamfest will be this coming Saturday. Goliad Brewing Co, along with the Goliad Forge is having an event on Oct 11 & 12. Otto invited the club to join the fun. Old Business: Field Day: We met at the Podsim’s place and set up some of the equipment. Did a little testing of said equipment, talked a lot, enjoyed a good meal and just generally enjoyed each other’s company. Water Safari: Harvey reported that there was the largest number of entries in the history of the race this year and most of them finished the race. There were very few problems along the way. Harvey gave his thanks to everyone who participated. E. T.: The trailer is back at the Podsim’s. VARC Update: The .13 was picked up and tested, it works well. It is hooked up at the TV tower site. The antennas at Citizen’s Hospital were checked out and several of them were determined to be good. New Business: Club Repeater: The Echolink computer was removed since it was not working at all. It was decided, with Harvey’s advice, to simply dispose of it. He still has plans to replace it with a Raspberry Pi. Moving the Repeater: We have permission from the Sheriff’s Office to put it on the new tower when it gets built. We still need permission from Motorola. Bryan H. needs information about what kind of equipment we want to use. Dave suggested that we gather this information and submit our request. We can decide if we are going to make the move when we find out the cost. Officer Election: Luci announced that she is tired of doing the Secretary job and informed the membership that they need to decide who will take over the job when elections roll around in November. Harvey moved to adjourn, second by Jimmy, motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Submitted by Luci Podsim, Secretary

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