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April 2021 Meeting Minutes

Coleto Creek Amateur Radio Club

Meeting Minutes

April 1, 2021

The meeting was held over the air on the Yorktown repeater.

Attending: Jimmy Podsim - KD5QHH, Luci Podsim - KD5RIF, Hurshel Pruitt - WB5MEX, Harvey Babb – WB5MCT.

Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm by Hurshel. Previous 3-4-21 meeting minutes were read by Luci Podsim. Jimmy moved and Luci seconded for their approval. They were accepted by common consent.

Treasurer’s Report: Dave was absent – no report.

Public Relations: Jimmy has been posting interesting tidbits on the Facebook group.

Points of Interest:

We need to think about what to do for Field Day. Water Safari is also coming up and Harvey noted that we need more volunteers. Safari will end at Windpoint Park due to repairs to the seawall.

Old Business: Harvey discovered that our duplexer is not BpBr (Band pass-Band reject) as originally thought. It is Band Reject only which has slightly more loss. Therefore, the readings were not that far off of what they should be. He still wants to retune the entire repeater before we move it.

New Business:

ARRL needs an update and Jimmy will take care of it. Jimmy and Harvey will work together to make sure the repeater is properly coordinated and up to date.

Jimmy moved to adjourn, second by Luci. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Submitted by Bryan Haun, Secretary from notes prepared by Jimmy & Luci Podsim


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