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November 2017 Meeting Minutes

CCARC Meeting Minutes November 2017 Attending: Jimmy Podsim - KD5QHH, Luci Podsim - KD5RIF, Hurshel Pruitt - WB5MEX, Dave Dodge - NV5C, Otto Bluntzer - WB2RJB, Brian Haun - KG5AUZ and Harvey Babb - WB5MCT Meeting called to order at 7:38 pm. Previous minutes read. Harvey moved to accept as read, second by Jimmy, motion passed. Treasurer’s Report - There has been no change since last meeting. We have $120.96 in the bank and $20 cash for a total of $140.96. Otto moved to accept, second by Jimmy, motion passed. Public Relations - The website calendar has been updated for 2018 and a few new blog posts regarding officer nominations and the annual membership drive have been added. It was noted that the hit counter shows 265 hits. Points of Interest: The Corpus Christi Mini Hamfest will be this coming Saturday, November 4. A nationwide “Very Bad Day” emergency drill is planned for November 4-6. Old Business: Website Dues: Harvey submitted the $49 bill for the website renewal to the club for reimbursement. Antenna Trailer: Otto finished priming and painting the trailer yellow. He purchased a piece of plywood for the deck. The base of the tower is hinged, bolts have been welded in place and the tower sections have been color coded for ease of assembly. We need a fully and lanyard to haul up a dipole antenna and the trailer needs new tires. Also, the generator still needs a gas tank. Other than that, the antenna trailer is good to go. Much appreciation to Otto for his hard work and expense. E. T. Computer: Still Pending Battery Charger: Harbor Freight has yet to re-open after the storm. Meeting Place: Brian will check into getting a key so we can move our meetings to the bank. Update on .19 repeater: The radio has been retrieved from its location. Harvey has determined that it is unfixable. The .13 repeater will probably become the primary repeater. New Business: Christmas Party: To be discussed on the Net. Nominations and Election: Harvey moved that nominations cease and all current officers be elected to their current positions by acclamation, second by Brian. Motion passed. Officers for 2018 are: Hurshel Pruitt - President, Harvey Babb - Vice-President, Dave Dodge - Treasurer, Luci Podsim - Secretary and Jimmy Podsim - Public Relations Officer. Jimmy moved to adjourn, second by Harvey. Motion passed and meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm. Submitted by Luci Podsim - KD5RIF, Secretary

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